Trolleys, trolleys, trolleys…

Yes, we are designing and manufacturing more and more trolleys for customers.



Custom trolley handle   20151214_172341  Storage trolley

From simple single tier concepts to something a little more complex, please get in touch for a pricing and availability.

Cycle gurus know what they want..

We have very good relationships with cycle industry businesses. It’s a more laid back approach when compared to other industries we serve. That said, the cycle gurus know what they want, it has to look right, it has to operate effectively and quality is everything. We also get thrown some pretty funky colour schemes which make us smile when we piece them together here.

Thank you for your business.

Here are a few of our favourite installations of 2016..


Something a little different – scooter delivery racks for Avatherm range.

We get involved with the odd specialist project from time to time…

We are now manufacturing bespoke metal scooter racks to attach onto our insulated containers. Our insulated container division (PED Technologies) are a leading UK supplier of portable non-powered containers for delivering temperature sensitive products. More information about our container division can be viewed at

piaggio50_strutsfitted pizzadeliverybox_ped_technologies

PAF Systems - Workstations.

PAF modular workstations chosen for simplicity and quality

Counter Storage System

Counter storage system – tidy and professional


UK race team opts for PAF ‘System7′ metal cabinet range

System7 base units were selected for a UK race team. Tidy your workshop today with our metal workstations and workshop benches.

Upper accessories fitted

Professional looking work area with storage – System7 range

System7 base units

Automotive engineering workshop – System7 cabinet installation

e-commerce packing bench

E-commerce pick/pack workstations

Being more efficient by reducing picking & packaging times for e-retailers is becoming an important part of their business focus. Increasing employee productivity can be acheived with PAF Systems bespoke workcell systems. With PAF bespoke workstations everything is at hand which reduces the travel time that normally occurs when walking to & from different collection & packing areas. Available bespoke additions include monitor swing arms, label printer pull-out trays, rear power supply, undershelf storage & optional rear back panels for order picking & product storage.

Contact our helpdesk for more information: 01933 403555.